Does #NeverTrump Have a Plan B
Paul Revere

The Plan B has always been vote for someone else. We’d love to see Trump dumped, but we understand that is unlikely at this point in time.

You cannot blame #NeverTrump for what has happened or what will happen. We warned everybody about Trump, but nobody would listen. We warned that we would not vote for him no matter what, but nobody would listen. We warned everybody that he would be erratic and not conservice

You believe Clinton is worse than Trump. I respect that. But many of us disagree. We believe that both will be terrible, just in different ways.

You believe Trump will do something on Obamacare. That is doubtful. He supported it in the past. You believe he will pick good justices. That is doubtful. The same good justices would oppose what Trump wants to do. He is more likely to choose a Souter, Kennedy, or a Garland than a Thomas or Scalia. And yes, for many conservatives funding Planned Parenthood is enough to oppose him. You believe Trump will protect the Second Amendment, just because he said so. Except he’s supported bans in the past. Sorry if we do not believe a word he says.

You argue that Clinton has a history of illegal and immoral actions. Well, Trump has the immoral taken care. But based on his history, its fair to say that given the power Clinton had, he would do plenty of illegal actions just like she did. You think we are only concerned with “his big mouth”. No, we are concerned that he would destroy the country based on his actions. It’ll be different than Clinton, bad and maybe even worse. You believe that a Republican Congress that couldn’t restrain a Democrat would restrain Trump, and we see a Congress that will do what ever Trump wants.

You ask our Plan B, besides voting for someones. You ask how will we maintain our country. That’s easy. We fight for the down ballot this time, and have another go in 2020. We survived eight years of Obama, we can survive four of Clinton.

We stand on the principles of not voting for evil or liberals of either party, voting our conscience, not owing our vote to any party but only country, and for liberty. The principle stand is against both, and we will not waiver.

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