It’s a good question, but given this is a new field within a new field, you’d be forgiven for wondering what a UX Writer is.

So let’s start there.

A UX Writer can work under a host of guises: content designer, technical writer and interface copywriter to name just a few. But, what do they all mean?

A UX writer is ultimately somebody able to create and manipulate all verbal and conversational aspects of the user interface, in a way that is consistent both visually and atmospherically with the company’s intended personality.

This is done while ensuring that all language…


Badi have recently released their new booking feature. Using a mixture of sketch and invision, I attempted to improve the usability, clarity and organisation of the information from a purely UX writing perspective. You can see the changes explained below, as well as the final result. The screen as it was originally is always on the left, and the new design is always on the right.

General changes:

1.Text colour
I made bulk content black instead of blue to try and save the blue for clickable buttons and titles.

2. Terminology
“Seeker” has been used in all instances that the…

“A Gusto” By Patrick Harris

“A Gusto” is an app for anyone that loves discovering new restaurants, enabling them to swiftly add, rate and share new restaurants that they find in a cool and practical way amongst their friends. They have immediate access to the reviews of all their friends, with the app focusing exclusively on personal recommendations.


As yet I´ve not found an effective method to make and maintain a list of restaurants I like and to then share them in a manner that is not only quick and easy for me, but also in a manner that provides my friend with a…

Rice University
Rice University, Houston is consistently ranked among the top 20 universities in the United States of America by U.S. News & World Report. The University is very highly ranked for best quality of life by the Princeton Review and for best value among private universities by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.

Testing and Improving the Rice University Website
In order to define a precise pain point of the current website into a solvable problem, I tested the site with a user. First I asked for the initial opinion on the site and the navigation. I then asked them to carry out…

Invision is a brilliant tool for creating working prototypes in a quick and simple way. Below is a brief overview and explanation of the flow of the emov app, and where each link takes you, along with the link to my InVision prototype.

InVision Link:

Below are screenshots of the car share app “Emov”, followed by my attempt to create low fidelity wire frames of each screen in order to focus only on the flow of the app.

The main goal of an effective wireframe is to be clear enough for the user or stakeholder to understand the concept, but sufficiently simple so as to avoid conversations being dragged off topic onto more detailed points at such an early stage in the design process. Such conversations should only come after the flow of the app has been thought out and finalised.

Sketch was again very…

My first attempt at Sketch… I´ve provided below two screenshots of the travel app followed by my best attempts at mirroring them. Sketch is a great tool that immediately gives you everything you need in order to bring your ideas to life. The best thing about it is it is completely addictive, which bodes well for the future!

Original Screenshots

Design 1

Initial Comments

  • Clean design;
  • Attractive images;
  • Successfully maintains its theme of being environmentally friendly (Use of green/ pale blue and white);
  • Very simple navigation;
  • The options on the left and the collapsed screens on the right creates a stylish effect;
  • Minimalistic.

Design Analysis

  • The way the navigation bar is set out is balanced, I think the collapsed images on the right is an effective feature but I guess it could not be said that the feature was symmetrically balanced;
  • The navigation bar has proximity through the shape and font of each option;
  • The page is well aligned with the way…

“Whole Bank” is an international Bank based in Framingham, a small town in Massachusetts, United States. Whole Bank as a business is committed to fully utilising advancing technologies in order to improve the overall banking experience they are able to offer their customers.

Most recently, they have focussed on a need to improve the banking services their clients are able to experience when travelling abroad. With this in mind I set to work researching the sector and interviewing people in order to narrow down exactly what aspects needed to be updated or changed.

The Interviews

The interviews were interesting, although…

Being honest, sketchnoting throughout the video to start with was difficult (given that I haven´t sketched anything for a veeeeery long time!). I went away and practiced (this was definitely necessary…) some sketching and when I came back to the video I actually found it to be a really useful experience.

It certainly helped me engage with the presentation, it forces you to think deeper into what the speaker is saying by not only writing notes but accompanying the notes with images. I would actually say it helps with engagement significantly.

Patrick Harris

UX Writer - UEFA

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