[This was originally written to be published on Grandma Sophia’s Cookies, but with the devastating news yesterday that Full Moon would be moving much of its Surrender Cinema library to another website, I no longer felt comfortable putting it out on that site. So here it is, largely untrue at this point.]

I think I’m subscribed to too many streaming services. A big part of that is that my opinion as to the best one seems to change almost on a day-to-day basis. Netflix has the quantity, and if there’s a show that I’ve been meaning to watch for some…

Original air date: January 28, 1991
Director: Chip Chalmers
Writer: Jeri Taylor (story by Stuart Charno, Sara Charno, and Cy Chermak)

Rating: 9/10

So we’ve got these Cardassians, which have a rather unfortunate name, since whenever anybody talks about them, I keep picturing Kim and Khloe. But anyways, they’ve got a peace treaty that a Starfleet captain (Bob Gunton) is fucking up because why not.

Killing American Style is what I expected in a lot of ways, but in a lot of ways, it’s not. It’s the most competent film I’ve seen from director Amir Shervan (Samurai Cop), but even then still manages many moments of unintentional humor. There’s nothing quite as funny as the Samurai Cop horny nurse scene, or the scene in Hollywood Cop where the black police officer mistakes the prince of Africa as someone they busted for cocaine. But there are little moments of humor and incompetency sprinkled throughout.

It’s certainly great to see Robert Z’Dar, who’s far and away the…

Original air date: March 23, 2015
Director: Colin Bucksey
Writer: Gordon Smith

Rating: 10/10

This is my favorite episode so far. Jimmy discovers that a retirement home is systematically overcharging clients. He goes all in and actually cares about the case, though probably only because he thinks he can make money off of it. But it brings his brother out of seclusion, as he tries to help.

It’ll be a sad day when an elaborate period costume drama like this won’t automatically include Keira Knightley. I don’t know what it is about her, but she’s just so perfect in these roles. She’s a very good actress, and she just looks like she belongs so much in these costumes and with this makeup.

At least this movie was short. Or at least the version I saw of it was short. It was part of an anthology movie called T&A Time Travelers (great title) available on Full Moon’s streaming site, and it was the first part of that anthology, followed by the far superior Exotic Time Machine (which I’ve already reviewed), and then some far worse movie.

I think The Exotic Time Machine was better than this, except this as I saw it, with likely a few scenes cut, might have been more enjoyable just because it’s shorter. There’s no fat to this movie…

Original air date: November 10, 2006
Director: Ernest Dickerson
Writer: Mick Garris

Rating: 6/10

This is sort of an unconventional vampire story, and it’s fairly entertaining. Two teen friends break into a mortuary to look at dead bodies, and this is where they encounter Michael Ironside playing a vampire.

Ironside is great, and so is the gore effects.

Original air date: January 7, 1991
Director: Robert Wiemer
Writers: Ronald D. Moore and Harold Apter (story by Harold Apter)

Rating: 9/10

This episode shouldn’t be as good as it is. On paper, Data learning to dance from Dr. Crusher sounds incredibly stupid. Especially when it revolves around the marraige of Miles O’Brien, a character we don’t really care that much about.

This movie is a lot better than I remember it. Like so many Godzilla films, it has its problems with characters. The human characters really aren’t interesting, and there’s no real attention paid to characterization until the secodn half, which is weird.

But it’s a Godzilla movie, and Godzilla will always kick ass, even if the costume and the puppet don’t look as good as before.

Patrick J Mullen

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