Original air date: March 4, 1992
Director: Anita W. Addison
Writers: Donald P. Bellisario and Paris Qualles

Rating: 6/10

This episode is kind of fun. It’s a Bermuda Triangle story, with Sam as a co-pilot on a flight with some newlyweds, one of which is played by the beautiful (and young) Carla Gugino.

I sort of had mixed feelings about this movie even before I saw it. Eastwood is basically a mythical figure at this point, and this movie’s sort of about that. But he’s even more so a mythical figure to me in particular. He was my favorite actor back in the day, and Gran Torino was the first ever R-rated film I saw in theaters. …

I’m not going to act like any mid-budget ’80s action movie starring Charles Bronson is the pinnacle of cinema or anything like that, but dammit, this was a fun ride. But it didn’t start that way.

The movie’s very slow in the beginning. There’s a lot of talking, and just trying to get Charles Bronson to come out of retirement to kill some people.

Original air date: March 21, 2004
Director: Walter Hill
Writer: David Milch

Rating: 8/10

Deadwood’s pilot is very good, and I’m already convinced that I’m watching a show that’s far more for me than True Blood. I love westerns, and other than Deadwood, all the classic western TV shows are old and kind of cheesy. It’s great to see one with a modern budget that looks as gorgeous as this does.

Original air date: September 21, 2008
Director: John Dahl
Writer: Alan Ball

Rating: 5/10

I decided pretty early on into this episode that I’m not going to continue with this series beyond this episode. I know I said at the outset that I really didn’t know with this series. I’m not really into vampires, and I was worried this would feel a bit soap opera-y. It doesn’t really feel like that, but at the same time, it just doesn’t grab me.

I think it was around the time that they were showing these vampire characters who live at Bill’s house…

Original air date: February 26, 1992
Director: Michael Watkins
Writer: Deborah Pratt

Rating: 5/10

Usually, when Sam plays a woman, it’s a fun time. That’s kind of why this episode is a bit disappointing. It seems promising enough for some good comedy, with him being part of an all-girl soul trio, but the comedic opportunities aren’t taken advantage of.

Original air date: April 18, 2016
Director: Vince Gilligan
Writers: Heather Marion and Vince Gilligan

Rating: 7/10

This episode opens with the most effective flashback of the series, in which Jimmy and Chuck are at the hospital with their dying mother.

Patrick J Mullen

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