Things Said Over Food.

by Leslie + Patrick

Post 1- Review: Bar Mezzana-Ink Block

Leslie Says…..

This song is so random.🦄

I keep hitting my elbows on the chair.

Modern feel.

Whispering food runner?…weird🙃

This is not your average slurpy-do pasta.

Patrick says…..

It’s really loud in here.

Personable service.

Shuffling bus person?

I like the chef.🔑

The server told us a sick ghost story.👻

Leslie and Pat talk…..

So you don’t like my haircut?⚡️L

I like it…its just different than the last time, it’s not as sleek.🤐 P

So what are we doing for Christmas? 💤L

Hm, this pasta is really, really good. L

How do you feel about insulated lunch packs for men? L🤔

Not Good. P

I’m offended by that, what is it? L

Ohhhh… it’s eggplant! 🔔P

You should finish this before I do… L

But you do fling those things around 😏P

What things? 😇L

Final Word.

Great al dente Pasta. Warm service. Not a quiet date spot.