Current “Pedalboard” Setup | 2016

This is as of 9/1/2016

I know people are gonna try to give me grief about using all digital..but…it sounds good…and my setup and tear down is fast.

I also run both outputs L & R

Line 6 HD500X — My main “amp” and FX sounds (delay/reverb/modulation/compression/wah/volume)

Line 6 HD500X

Shure PGXD14 — Wireless unit that I use from Guitar to Input of L6

Shure PGXD14

Wampler Dual Fusion — My “main” drive that I leave on almost 100% of the time (the blue side)

Wampler Dual Fusion

I can not recommend the Dual Fusion enough…it is actually that great!

Voodoo Labs ISO 5 — What I use for power

Voodoo Lab ISO 5

(I will disclose…I get an extremely small percentage from any purchases made from the links in this post)


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