The #1 Delay Pedal You Should Have For Worship Guitar | 2016

Seeing as this is my first post…at least in written form…or that is worth anything…I’ll try to include some of my past experiences and gear acquisitions as an electric guitarist within the church.

Also…while neither experience nor a ton of gear ACTUALLY make you great at anything regarding the guitar…hopefully I can add some insight.

As of today I’m 27, and I have been playing guitar since my 14th birthday (2002). I have been in a few bands outside of the church, but the bulk of my knowledge is from actually being in it…being in the trenches…learning. My passion clearly isn’t grammar or anything that requires a beautiful vocabulary, but I know straight up what I’m talking about here.

SOOOO…to the pedal… “the #1 delay for worship guitarists”…is :

TC Electronic Nova Delay

TC Electronic Nova Delay

WHATTT??? Why not Timeline? or Timefactor? or Superdelay? or the DD-500 that people told us about, but still hesitant to purchase because it’s a Boss & not a Strymon. Well…ALL of those are super cool…and yes you should definitely check them out…but let me clarify. This post is for guitarists who want “the worship sound” at a low price, small size, and most presets.

If you are buying “new”…you can not beat the Nova Delay…period…it has 9 presets…it’s TC…it’s $170…it’s programmable…and it’s small.

Please see my post on “Why Programmable Presets Matter the Most” for more information regarding my choice.

(I will disclose…I get an extremely small percentage from any purchases made from the links in this post)


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