The #1 Overdrive Pedal For Worship Guitarists | 2016

I can not tell you how many people have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to gear. There are way to many followers and not enough leaders.

Am I saying this is the best sounding, end-all-be-all, better than your KOT, all chips in kind of pedal? No….This is just a period-dot-com….GET THIS…for those who are not familiar with the market, the sound, or realm of worship guitar.

The #1 OD Pedal for Worship Guitar : Fulltone Fulldrive 2

Fulltone Fulldrive 2

I do not care how many disagree…or think it’s muddy, or too bright, or not enough gain….here’s the deal…the Fulldrive 2 IS “that sound”.

Onto more specifics…it has a few different tonal options via some switches as well as an obvious “tone” knob…and it has a boost. The boost basically just adds gain, and you can not use it independently. BUT, you essentially have 3 stages of gain…depending on whatever your starting signal is, then the pedal on, then the boost on. (you may consider it 2 stages)

Other reasons include the price…SOOOO many pedals nowadays are easily over $200/$300…and some I would say are worth it..but if you’re looking for “that sound” and at under $120…the Fulldrive 2 is the pedal to get.

(I will disclose…I get an extremely small percentage from any purchases made from the links in this post)


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