The #1 Pedal For Any Guitarist. Period.

Hopefully you don’t see this as a waste of your time…seeing as I am 100% serious about this being “the #1 pedal for any guitarist”.

The Tuner — Let me explain.

  • It doesn’t matter how awesome your guitar is
  • It doesn’t matter how awesome your amp is
  • It doesn’t matter how cool your drives, delays, or reverbs are
  • It doesn’t matter how many amps you use
  • It doesn’t matter what pickups are in your guitar
  • It doesn’t even matter how GREAT of a guitar player you are

IF you are “out of tune” …

  • Nobody will care
  • Nobody will want to listen
  • Nobody will want you to play with them
  • It will make the rest of the gear you have sound horrible
  • And frankly… you’ll sound amateur

Picking a good tuner is a big deal. I have tried numerous brands…some floor units…some clip-on units…and they are all close BUT not the same. So go with the most accurate.

“How do I find the most accurate” — you may be asking

Research…ask around…read forums…watch demo videos…go to the store and try them out.

Also..two more side notes…Make sure your guitar is setup properly and in as best intonation as possible…otherwise it will always sound out of tune.

And always tune UP to the note you’re trying to reach. Meaning…you pluck the string…it says F…you want an E….Tune purposely FLAT…past the intended note…and then back up to the goal note. It helps hold better tune.

I also have some other tricks that I do when tuning…but I will put those in another post.

(I will disclose…I get an extremely small percentage from any purchases made from the links in this post)


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