Why Programmable Presets Matter Most

Let me first start by saying that this post and the #1 delay post, are specifically written to those “new” to the worship guitar realm…and have no idea what to purchase.

Earlier I wrote that the TC Electronic Nova Delay was “the #1 delay pedal for worship guitarists” and here I will explain why…along with why I think Programmable Presets are the way to go.

Reason 1 — Presets

Presets allow you to have different settings for each song ( in some cases more than one setting for each song). Unlike the Nova Delay…the DD20, DL4, Triple Delay, Flashback X4 and many others…have limited presets. They only come close to HALF of what the Nova Delay offers.

Reason 2 — Presets with individual BPM

With technology the way that it is…and also the fact that we are only moving forward…Most churches have had, or will be getting IEM (In Ear Monitors). Why is this important?? Because “most” will be moving toward using a “click track” or some sort of metronome/time keeping device to keep time consistent. THIS is why REASON 2 is important. You can program the BPMs (Beats Per Minute) per song…per preset…of which the Nova Delay can handle 9 presets…far more than the average church service. The other pedals don’t come close.

If you have been thinking…well what about this pedal or that pedal…please understand…I am not saying this is “the only pedal”…I’m just saying in regards to price, size, ease of use, programmability etc…you can’t touch the TC. This pedal IS “that sound” and was “that sound”.

(I will disclose…I get an extremely small percentage from any purchases made from the links in this post)


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