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Hopefully, more than just a handful see this, the issue here really seems to be a misunderstanding. The increased rate of change that is outside of historical norms is ‘human caused’. What he seems to be claiming, is that change itself is not ‘human caused’ — which is true. Change has happened for a several million years in cycles, one of which we are nearing where previous peaks began a downward trend. What is quite scary and ‘human-caused’ is the rapid rate of change followed by that we don’t know if this rapid rate will continue without a downward trend, will result in an equally rapid downward trend, or will result in a reduced rate downward trend.

It really doesn’t seem like he is denying climate change, just that humans are the primary cause or the only cause for that matter. I’m not a Rick Perry fan, but people need to hear and understand what he is saying before they go lambasting the guy in all over the place.

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