A case for making music more social.

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I love playlists. Creating, discovering, and sharing them with friends and then receiving feedback on the music you curate is truly a fantastic feeling. As a longtime daily Spotify user and as someone who takes time creating playlists, I could never understand why the Spotify platform hasn’t become more social. It’s frustrating from a designer’s perspective because Spotify has an already existing social infrastructure in place that’s not being utilized to its full potential. Even though Spotify has the functionality of following your friends or favorite artists, the feature only displays your friends’ live activity and sends you occasional email or push-notification updates. …

A Retrospective of Fast Fashion and an Analysis of Second Hand Marketplaces

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The Past — The Fall of Fast Fashion

The term “Fast Fashion” receives a lot of negative connotations in today’s consumer society. Due to the consumptive nature of the business model, and the destructive impact on our already depleting natural resources, companies such as Forever21 and HM rightfully earn a negative connotation. With that being said, let’s not forget how much these companies influenced younger consumers.

Growing up in the suburbs before the e-commerce takeover, fast fashion retailers gave my peers and I easy access to what we considered to be “fashionable items”. I have vivid memories of walking into Forever21 for the first time hearing Animal Collective’s “My Girls” playing in the background. I purchased a graphic t-shirt with an image of a teepee in an Instagram-esque, valencia-like filter. …


Patrick Kosmowski

I’m a Product Designer that uses my skills to create meaningful user experiences. www.patrickkosmowski.com

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