Don’t Worry be Happy

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Search, “What Makes Us Happy,” and you will find a vast ocean of results, ask anyone this question and you may get a different answer each time, ask us, here at Wall of Quotes, and you will get the following☺.

Please remember that this list is not exhaustive, arguments could be made for all and we did not mention genetic factors or social upbringings, but nonetheless, through our experiences and research we believe this sums everything up very well:

What we have come to believe makes us happy but does not really :(

  • Education
  • Money
  • Positive events experienced in life
  • Marriage
  • Parenthood

What actually makes us happy :)

  • Exercise
  • Giving to others
  • Interpretations of events experienced in life
  • Meaningful good relationships
  • Sleep quality

In a nutshell, this means to create and maintain good relationships with yourself and others. This will keep us happier and healthier. Period. We need to understand that a good relationship with the self is the first step. For how can you love your neighbor if you don’t know how to love yourself?

Furthermore, social interactions are extremely good for us, because you can love yourself all you want but the fact remains that loneliness kills. These social interactions can then be formed into quality relationships and this does not only protect our bodies, it protects our brains as well.

If you maintain a positive outlook on life, eat well, exercise and get good sleep and surround yourself with like-minded people… well, how can you not be happy?