Mindfulness Trends for 2020: Here’s what to be mindful of :)

5 Trends and 5 Actions for you!

The new year is right around the corner. And “2020” just sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

2020 means new challenges — and huge new opportunities! This isn’t anything new, of course, and you will probably hear the same being said each new year. Yet, I still wanted to share my thoughts about five key trends to be mindful of to supercharge your mindful planning this year. Each one is a powerful opportunity to build mindful products, services, campaigns, brands and more that people will love in 2020 and beyond.

So, what are these mindful trends? What’s going to happen in 2020?

Alright, deep breathe… here goes…

1. More Mindful Integration

This year, I predict that more school curriculum’s, business programs, sports workout plans, music classes and wellness treatments will incorporate mindfulness into them. Whether this means 3 mins of mindfulness practice before the start of your math class, mindfulness as part of resiliency frameworks, breath work and relaxation during training, awareness exercises for singing or more meditations during wellness retreats.

Action for you: Look for opportunities where you can integrate mindfulness practices!

2. Experimental Mindfulness

In 2020 there will be more focus on creating ultimate theory-meets-practice-meets-stroytelling-meets-mental-meets-emotional experiences. Think educational, hands-on workshops, sensory immersion practices, and other activities that tie in multiple dimensions of experimental learning. You won’t just talk about mindfulness and the benefits, you practice and not just with your eyes closed, but with movement and emotions and inter-personal elements as well. You engage and experiment like never before.

Action for you: Take your favorite practice (i.e. body scan, breathing, visualizations, etc.) and see how you can enhance it, experiment with it and become more aware of it!

3. Mindful Tech

One of the most interesting increases in popularity in 2020 will be for breathing and meditation apps. Apps give you access to practices for a fraction of the price and come with features like reminders, different lengths, types, voices, etc. to make it more likely for you to stick to them. Moreover, there will be more devices to assist you in becoming a more mindful cyborg. Whether this means more mindful IoT sensors, greater A.I around mindfulness or simply building tech more mindfully.

Action for you: Find 3 apps you can always recommend and work with one technology this year to make you or it more mindful!

4. More Mindful Retreats

There is a 182% increase in wellness retreats searches. Mindfulness retreats can vary in length, from a day or two to several weeks. Retreats expose you to new experiences, practices, environments and stimuli. They can help decrease your stress and to teach you techniques to improve your resilience. You can go at it alone or with a group. There is a lot one can derive from a retreat that one cannot from an app or regular home, class, business practice.

Action for you: Go on a retreat!

5. More Mindful Research

As use cases, technologies and applications develop so too will research around mindfulness. I see more scientific advances in mindfulness-based applications, more brain imagining research associated with mindfulness practices and more research around the benefits mindfulness has with diversity and equality.

Action for you: Capture more data around your mindful practice and teachings. Whether this is survey, testimonials or via other data points — do so. Your future self will be grateful to you now!

Happiest of Mindful New Years and all the Best!

Remember I am here to serve and support. If you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding this topic, I will always make some time for you. Moreover, feel free to download the new app “U live only once” (Uloo), where you can join a mindful squad, find a mindful mentor and reach mindful goals together.

Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Yoga, Nature, Animals, Fitness, Security and People are my Passions… I will not tell you about it… just show you :)

Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Yoga, Nature, Animals, Fitness, Security and People are my Passions… I will not tell you about it… just show you :)