A constitutional convention to remove Trump and make our country more democratic

Thomas Jefferson wrote that we should hold a constitutional convention, one of the two ways of amending the Constitution provided in Article V of the US Constitution, every generation. Now is the best time the US has had for a constitutional convention, at least since slavery. An amendment to move to a parliamentary democracy should make our system more democratic, and end the administration of Pence and Trump.

Under Article V of the US Constitution, more than two-thirds of the States have already called for a convention since 1787, so it is overdue (the most recent Amendment to have been ratified by the States and added to the Constitution also was ratified over the course of about 200 years, since 1787). We are just waiting for people to step up and convene a constitutional convention that has already been called (see Larry J. Sabato, “A More Perfect Constitution”).

The Constitution does not specify who the delegates to a constitutional convention must be. The best way to hold a contemporary convention should be with the freedom for all to propose amendments either directly or through local assemblies, and with the freedom for all to vote on amendments. We have progressed both in terms of political thinking and technology since 1787, and should enable universal participation.