“Offensive genius”
Patrick G. Alexander

If you never found yourself asking WTF about Harbaugh, then you must not have watched the 2012 Super Bowl, where the Niners had the Ravens defense completely gassed and on their heels, and instead of running Frank Gore behind the league’s best run blocking offensive line for the championship winning score, Harbaugh called time out. Then, with plenty of time to consider his options, he elected to throw the ball on three consecutive plays (from inside the 5 yard line) by a QB in his 1oth career start. Worse, he didn’t roll this athletic QB out (a guy who two games earlier destroyed an all time NFL record for rushing by a QB), and he didn’t even vary up his play calling. Instead, he called three straight fade patterns to a mediocre WR who was not known for high pointing the football or being a red zone target.

There were about four WTF moments inside of a minute on that drive alone. And yet, Harbaugh was and is a great coach who should never have been fired. Dumping on Shanahan for not running the ball in a situation where, in fact, HE HAD JUST RUN THE BALL AND LOST YARDAGE on the previous play, is a little much. In retrospect it was a blunder, but it hardly diminishes his record of excellent offensive coaching throughout his career.