World Ventures: Scamming 2.0 in JA

With the recent announcement by WorldVentures Holdings that they are not and have not been operating in Jamaica, many preaching of the gospel of the get rich quick scheme are now in a bind. How will they sell the scheme when the parent company is denying that they exist? I found that answer out Tuesday…

All persons operating in Jamaica are now “WorldVentures Independent Contractors.” I listened with curiousity as the presenter attempted to explain in a delightful mix of half truths, the scripted English speech littered with American jargons and a blend of Jamaican Creole try to downplay the effects of the Jamaica Gleaner’s article calling the entire scheme a scam. According to the him, they worked with WorldVentures but as the company was not registered to operate in the country, they could be fined and be forced to spend money therefore reducing the profits of their “contractors.” So all this was a calculated move on the part of WorldVentures Holdings to protect the money YOU, their future contractors, are going to be making. He then launched into a speech of how other persons don’t want to see poor people rise and that they essentially haters before wrapping up with a truly heartfelt plea for those present to trust him. I found the ploy amusing but sadly the persons there seemed to readily buy into his explanation as they stayed and listened intently to the presentation.

Although the Financial Services Commission (FSC) put the announcement out to the public that this scheme is illegal and will not help them financially, there is still the flocking to schemes such as there regardless. What the FSC needs to understand is the current economic climate ripe for the exploitation of persons desperate for some gainful financial earning. It is times like these that vigilant and diligent monitoring is needed in order to crack down on these persons who choose to skirt regulations. Mere public announcements will not solve this cancer of get rich schemes when the masses are desperate for employment. More needs to be done.