Growth Hacking meets Beer Brewing

Patrick Layer
Jul 12, 2018 · 5 min read

6 principles why YOU (GrowthTribe) need to invest into brewing your own beer at the office!

Hi Beer Lovers,

(Hi Ferdinand, Jelle, Peter, David, Luke, Stefan, Quintin, Anna Dia and the rest of my part time colleagues — sorry if I missed anyone)

There are some things in life that you simply have to experience first hand.

  • Riding a roller coaster
  • dating someone out of your league…

This is what life’s all about….

You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced those kind of unexpected events.

Likewise, if you’re a beer lover,

There are certain tastes you have to discover and thus beers you have to drink.

At least once.

Some of these beers would be considered the best beers in the country, if not the world.

Others are famous because of the role they played in the craft beer movement.

Image for post
Some beers in our office — yes we like to discover new flavours

Worldwide there are more than 200 000 different beers in the world brewed in around 180 styles from ales, lagers, pilsner and stouts to bitters, cream ales and iced beers.

A lot….right?

And we do not even talk about flavours?

The list seems endless.

So, is there a definitive list of beers everyone should try?

  1. Most of them are unknown.

From a small brewery only known in the inner distribution circle — think about your neighbour, he could be possible a home brewer without noticing from anyone around?

2) Not available…

Further if the public is in the know — it could be that the beer is just not available in your country…since it does not make sense or due to limitation by distribution to ship a bottle from New Zealand or Alaska to the other side over the world?

3) Or if available?

— -> But is it still fresh or bottled more than half a year ago…

So ask yourself…..

A) Is the beer available on tap?

— No?

B) At least in a bottle?

— Yes !=!=!

C) YEEY — Check the AGE of the bottle……

— Expired?

Perhaps we have the solution thus here are the

6 principles why YOU (GrowthTribe) needs to invest into beer brewing at our office, home or holiday hideout….

→ Credits to David’s original article ;)

1. Beer Brewing is easy — but even easier to mess it up…So you get trained by the best ;)

It has taken us many days, months, years to learn the skills behind beer and brewing…the beer History, different beer styles, recipes, taste, the process and any other TASTING skills.

So if you’re going to learn beer brewing you should only learn it from real taste discoverer — we will only select and train the best about this incredible drink!

2. Beer Brewing is a team sport

What do you do if you can’t find a technical, creative, marketing-savvy growth hacker? You build a team. Growth hacking will be taught in teams 3 of multi-disciplinary magicians.

The same as brewing beer? — you need a technical that knows about the process and how to execute, a creative for developing the recipe and an analytical for evaluating the brewing data (taste) afterwards?

Image for post
based on the article

3. Beer Brewing is a mindset.. teach people at the source of taste

Take away the hard skills, beer brewing is above all a mindset. It’s having a creative, scientific and data-based process to product development and marketing. The easiest way to build a mindset is to get people as early as possible into the brewing process.

Before their minds are polluted with “standard lager such as green cans” and “another standard lager such as red and blue ones”. This is one of the reasons we partnered up with major craft breweries in our sector. To teach people at the source about taste discovery

4. Break silos, mix up the skills

Universities in many ways are like large corporations. They’re divided into silos.

Lagers here, Weizens there and maybe an IPA somewhere over here.

Image for post
Tupperware parties

That’s the first barrier we want to break.


We are going to build multi-disciplinary Tastemakers that will brew together and meet together — Tupperware parties

Let’s accelerate together in MiniBrew Evenings…

a portable SmartKeg to BRING YOUR PARTY EVERYWHERE;)

Image for post
credits MiniBrew

5. Learn by brewing

Just like coding it’s hard to learn brewing beer from a book or a video. The best way to learn is to learn by brewing over and over again. For that reason brewing students should be placed on real live projects and confronted with beer recipes!

We’ve partnered up with some of the hottest, fastest growing breweries in the world of taste to challenge the new brewmasters with taste explorations —

Funky Weizen Collab | Bird Brewery x Stapzwan Brouwerij at Streekbierfestival

6. It’s not just the VRIJMIBO (Friday After work drinks)…but mostly about the process

You’ll always hear about tips and tricks but as we’ve clearly learned drinking hundreds of different beer styles, from different breweries and different continents — there is no single hack or trick to discover all the variety of taste.

The only way to find the real taste is to experiment and experience undiscovered freshness — Therefore having a strong taste buds more important than standard vrijmibo drinks.

We at MiniBrew teach you 50% of the brewing process- but since UniCornBrews are still based on tricks — well also teach you 50% of the special tricks that creates this once in a lifetime TASTE!

Last but not least

Introducing— The T-shaped Beer Brewer and Taster

Image for post
Don’t take it to serious — modified and based on the article

So, should you brew your own beer at the office or home?

“Yes!” I think home-office-brewing is completely its own reward — the process of making it is very fun and in the end you get to drink beer.”


  • During Summer, brew a refreshing white beer.
  • Winter-time? Make a heartwarming stout.
  • When flowers bloom in Spring, make an IPA!

What could be better?

Are You Thirsty?

Patrick Layer |Growing the #beervolution at MiniBrew & Faciliator at GrowthTribe

P.S. This article was my own personal creation and NOT written in a serious manner and is in NO official relation to MiniBrew.

P.P.S. Some other benefits of Brewing beer at your office from H&R perspective….

  • Engage your team with brewing to strengthen your team and increase employee loyalty!
  • Brew your own fresh quality craft beer and and diversify your Friday drinks with refreshing experience every week!
  • Bring colleagues closer together in weekly beer brewing competition and inspire them with unique taste and flavors!
  • Happy Employees = Returning Clients

→ Brew More with MiniBrew AprèsWork

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