Growth Hacking meets Beer Brewing

Patrick Layer
Jul 12, 2018 · 5 min read

You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced those kind of unexpected events.

There are certain tastes you have to discover and thus beers you have to drink.

Some beers in our office — yes we like to discover new flavours

So, is there a definitive list of beers everyone should try?

6 principles why YOU (GrowthTribe) needs to invest into beer brewing at our office, home or holiday hideout….

1. Beer Brewing is easy — but even easier to mess it up…So you get trained by the best ;)

2. Beer Brewing is a team sport

based on the article

3. Beer Brewing is a mindset.. teach people at the source of taste

4. Break silos, mix up the skills

Tupperware parties

Let’s accelerate together in MiniBrew Evenings…

credits MiniBrew

5. Learn by brewing

Funky Weizen Collab | Bird Brewery x Stapzwan Brouwerij at Streekbierfestival

6. It’s not just the VRIJMIBO (Friday After work drinks)…but mostly about the process

Don’t take it to serious — modified and based on the article

So, should you brew your own beer at the office or home?

“Yes!” I think home-office-brewing is completely its own reward — the process of making it is very fun and in the end you get to drink beer.”

Are You Thirsty?

Patrick Layer

Written by

I am a full stack Growth Hacker. Currently doing innovation at TomTom. Further, I share my knowledge at GrowthTribe Academy!

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