If you’re not optimizing your blog/newsletter, you’re doing it wrong

Not sure how to best set up your blog or email newsletter? The good news is people have been studying this challenge for a while. Using A/B testing and analytics, trends have been found that will help you put together the most effective blog/newsletter. We’ve searched for the best ideas, columns, ideas and trends about how to improve your blog and newsletter.

This weeks top 3 stories.

Justin Brooke

I Spent $30,000 Testing Different Blog Designs — Here’s What I Found

Justin Brooke spent $30,000 on ads for his blog so he could test every strategy he could think of. This taught him four big lessons. 1) Take advantage of premium screen real estate. 2) move your sidebar to the left. 3) Use your sidebar strategically. 4) replace comments with a call to action. These four lessons took him from 2% conversion to 25%.

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Thirteen Pro-Tips for Email Design

The list includes tips like stop using all-image emails, stay relentlessly on brand, make the font bigger and think twice before putting that navigation bar in your email. Both this and the first article focus on creating an easy user experience. You will get more out of your emails or blog if the audience can find what you want them to find.

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Top 10 Email Marketing Stats of 2015

The biggest stat to for us is, “US marketing executives believe email alone drives the same amount of revenue as their social media, websites, and display ad efforts combined…”. Unlike other efforts, newsletters build relationships with your audience. The goal of all your other tools should be to guide people to your email list.

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