LeBron May Have His Own App, But You Can Too! 

Why You Should Think Of Tumblr As Your Personal App

LeBron James just got his own app on Samsung.

Guess what, you can have one too. It’s called Tumblr.

Now that Tumblr just released it’s mobile customizations it only makes sense for you to start putting your own personal content into it like it’s your personal brand feed — ‘cause it is!

Here’s how I’ve broken mine down. Think pieces of content rather than whole projects:

  • Images — Instagram, Digital Camera, Mobile Camera, screen shots
  • Gifs — that I’ve made with a combo of Premiere and Photoshop
  • Video — Instavid, Mobile, and YouTube
  • Audio — Soundcloud
  • Reads — Blog from Medium, and other people’s accolades
  • Talks — Talks that I’ve been invited to give

In case you’re thinking about what to do with all the stuff that you want to re-blog, just create another tumblr specifically for that. I call mine my Explore Blog.

LeBron may be the King of the court, but you can be King/Queen of your own content!

Please steal my stuff! Use it and make it your own. One day we’ll all be treated like B-Ball players for our skills. If you want to see who I’m talking to about my urbanism and marketing stuff you can check out my Twitter and also check out my Tumblr which I use as a repository for all the content I create on the daily.