Patrick Mabilog
Jun 29, 2015 · 5 min read

I tried my best to be silent about the issue of same-sex marriage, but I just couldn’t help it. I know this won’t get much shares, nor get a whole lot of likes, but I must say my two cents. Here are 12 points about my take on ‪#‎lovewins‬.

1. I am not for gay marriage. The Bible does speak truth against homosexuality, in context and in plain sight. Any arguments about this I’d rather see in an inbox, not on a comment feed, so feel free to message me if you please. I will not quote verses here, but there is study and revelation behind it, which has sadly been awfully presented by “Christians” who pretend to be Bible-readers and throw scripture hatefully around.

2. It doesn’t mean that I am against gay marriage and homosexuality that I will look down on you or think that you deserve less of Jesus because you are gay. I believe that the Gospel is for everyone and that the main thing is that God is the center of your life. Everything else is just white noise, including sin. I am a sinner and I need God’s grace just as much as homosexuals.

3. I love homosexuals. And as I’ve said before, I would lay down my life for one the same way I would for anyone. I have friends who are homosexuals who clearly know my stand against homosexuality, but we are still friends. I have enemies who are straight, and I will not trust them just because they’re straight.

4. I do however have something against homosexuals who generalize Christians, and conclude that all Christians are judgmental. If speaking my piece against homosexuality makes me a hypocrite then whatever. I will not go against that. But if you say it to my face, call me names, choose to malign me for my beliefs when I have clearly been careful not to malign you of your beliefs, bring my family into the argument by insulting them for being associated with me then I hope you pray to God that I don’t find out where you live, or that you know how to throw a good punch.

5. I find it false to believe that you cannot be against same-sex marriage and still love homosexuals. I hope that points 2 and 3 make it clear that it is.

6. If my child came up to me and told me he/she was gay it would break my heart. Not because I have anything against homosexuals, and I don’t want my children to be like you. There are many things I am that I don’t want my children to be either, and many things homosexuals are that I wish my children would be like talented, smart, generous and loving. But I don’t want them to be gay. However, that doesn’t mean that I will throw them out in the streets if they were, and act as if I never had children. If they did become gay (God forbid) I would love them just the same or even more because that’s what parents should do.

7. I do not believe homosexuality is irreversible. I have counseled and have seen many homosexuals counseled and transformed. Not completely, not overnight, but changed nonetheless. I don’t think homosexuality is a disease, but I do believe that it is a heart issue that can stem from a lot of bitterness, selfishness and pride. Much like the many heart issues I also have that I pray to God that by His grace he would change.

8. I would love to be friends with people from the LGBT community. I am not picky with relationships, and neither is anyone in my family. My wife has friends who are gay, so do I, and I love all of them.

9. It’s true that the legal and ‘contract-based’ definition of marriage does not belong to any religion. Christianity does not own it, Islam doesn’t own it, Hinduism doesn’t own it. But I do believe it was designed and created by God, which He entrusted to us to nurture as a covenant of wholeness and delight.

10. I do believe that same sex marriage may and will have negative effects to society such as rising licentiousness leading to many societal problems. I am not saying that straight marriage has not lead to that either. I am aware of the problems divorce, domestic violence, rape and molestation brings. I refuse to believe however that the original plan of God which is covenant relationship between man and woman is the reason for that. Homosexuals have also been equally responsible for such. I know of many cases of molestation, rape, domestic violence and anger-related crimes that have stemmed from same-sex relationships. At the end of the day, anything can lead to bad things, even good intentions. I killed a spider with good intentions this morning without considering that my daughter would find it and make it part of her play set.

11. It will not change the course of my day, nor the course of my life (neither should it affect or distort the course of any straight person’s life) if gay marriage is legalized in the Philippines. At the end of the day, I do what I love to do and what I am called to do which is to raise leaders and make disciples, whether or not LGBT couples are getting married or not. I’ll preach the Gospel even if same sex marriage is legalized. I’ll preach the Gospel even if people start discriminating me for being a Christian. I’ll preach the Gospel even if I get called a homophobic bigot, a narrow-minded Pharisee , or a stupid hypocrite. I am not ashamed of the Gospel for it is the power to transform, revive and liberate.

12. Love is the answer, but it’s not any love that this world can offer. My love is not the answer. It’s not my love for my wife that will satisfy her. It’s not a man’s love for man or a woman’s love for woman that will bring happiness, joy, peace, comfort. Sure my marriage is wonderful and amazing, but if I relied on it for meaning I would be as miserable as hell because I’m imperfect and so is my wife. We all make mistakes. If you want a love that will rock your world and shake you to the very core, fall in love with Jesus. Read your Bible, Go to church, get into discipleship, or better yet let’s have coffee. I won’t make you anti-gay, but I will make you pro-Jesus. I will show a love that no homosexual relationship can offer, nor can any straight relationship offer either. A love so fervently and passionately given by a Man who endured death, fire, metal, acid, stone and sin and who paid the price I should have paid. I have been ransomed and so have you. That’s love.

Disclaimer: My opinions are in no way associated with my church Victory Iloilo. These ideas are mine alone, and are not in any way associated with the organization.

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I’m all about leadership and the next generation.

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