Purpose, Focus and Dissolved Business Partnerships

On January 14, 2015- 1:15PM- me and my family leave for Manila where we will be spending the next two months, as I go to School of Ministry. That day stands as the biggest challenge of 2015. Everything is great, and I’m ready for everything. Everything except the idea of being called ‘Pastor Kiko’ after a few months (crap! Still trying to find an escape from that).

I remember three years ago- the day I told my business partners of my back then flourishing photography firm that I was giving up my life of destination photography to spend more time in Iloilo to pursue ministry. I was glad and lucky that they were very receptive of me exiting the venture. I would be more lucky if any of them would still speak to me today.

Entering into ministry was the most costly move I’ve ever made. It cost me my business, a large stream of income and a lot of hard-earned business partnerships and relationships. However, nothing has also been more rewarding.

I hope no one gets the notion that ministry is greater than business. That’s not entirely the case. The only thing I hope you understand is that purpose will always precede placement. If you know where you’re going to be tomorrow, you have to identify your purpose.

So for me, my place will be in Manila from mid-January to mid-March. And my place will be in ministry for as long as God will keep me in it.

Leadership is marked by a clear cut purpose. One that not only you can follow, but that others as well can jump on board when your dreams start to scale. And many times, your purpose will cost you. There’s nothing that challenges purpose more than indecisiveness and a lack of focus.

If you want to be a leader that can shake the status quo orlead hundreds if not thousands of people, you need to have great and non-compromising focus.

Know what you do best, and do what you do best. Everything else you should align. If it doesn’t fit the buck then it’s time to ‘nip-it-in-the bud’.