The Day I Found Out I was the Last of the Mohicans

I spent the past three days with visiting relatives from Cebu and L.A. It was a really wonderful time especially because nothing has higher earthly value than family.

As one of my new year’s resolutions is to spend more time with family and less with work, it couldn’t be better practice than to have family visiting. And there was one event that was an affirmation of how good of a decision it was for me to do that.

One evening, my grandmother was telling us stories of her childhood. Some of it I knew all too well, but a lot of the things she told us were pretty new. Some of the new things I learned about our lineage were:

  1. In our lineage is the family name- Mojica- which sounds way better than Mabilog. Me and my cousins are now convinced we want to change our last name to Mojica and call ourselves the last of the ‘Mojicans’. (lol)
  2. My great grandfather was a wealthy haciendero who owned over 500 hectares of land, majority of which was lost late in his lifetime.

It surprised me to know that my family lineage once had extremely wealthy people, who had lost their wealth to irresponsible kids. Nothing breaks my heart more than watching the success of one generation being nullified by the next.

I am all about next generation leadership. I believe that majority of today’s biggest problems will be answered by a healthy next generation mindset- which is simply a willingness to place higher value on the values of the next generation (children, political predecessors, mentees, etc) than on our own.

It’s thinking about how to make our children better. It’s about not feeling insecure when our managers become better than us. It’s about a mentor wanting those under him/her to be on top.

That’s why family is so important. It’s- in essence- next generation thinking. I dream of the day that my children will surpass my achievements. That’s why me and my wife value family so much: because we constantly want to make each other better.

Do you have that next generational mindset in your family? It starts by placing highest value on their values, and not ours.

How are you going to place more value on your children, managers, employees today?

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