Why Uber’s Expansion Plans Would Make City Life Unbearable
Paris Marx


Public transit has had it’s chance to get this right. It has failed, Uber is stepping in because there was a market need for something like this. Taxis were horrible and not available in SF. BART/Muni shuts down at midnight. This has been going on for decades. Uber started as an app so that people could get rides home late at night when there were no cabs and no public transit to speak of. The platform has proven it can solve many more transit problems. It isn’t a silver bullet for all things, but it does address problems for at least 95% of bay area residents. Yes there will always be a need for public transit, but that can be extremely expensive in low density places like Dublin, CA. Providing a subsidy actually makes it available for more people and is much cheaper than laying tracks all over a suburban town.

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