Story: Patrick Macias, Art: MITSUME

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Mary stood on the corner of Omotesando and Meiji Dori, just across the street from the shop display window she was going to destroy.

The V.M. was on the giant LED screen just behind the store glass: a pretty face at least 12 feet high framed by blue hair in a bob cut. The cold and neutral expression seemed to be staring back at Mary, mocking her for what she’d become.

It was late February; bitter and chilly. The full moon came down through a fabric of scattered clouds. …

Is There Anybody Out There? Forty Years Trapped Inside Pink Floyd — The Wall

By Patrick Macias

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I was 7 years old at the end of 1979. I was obsessed with Godzilla, watched Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica religiously on TV, and ran around the playground singing “WE DON’T NEED NO EDUCATION!” If you saw my first-grade class picture you’d probably never guess which kid had Pink Floyd — The Wall in heavy rotation. It was me. But maybe it was all of us?

For a while, it felt like everyone in school sang along with Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2), a number one hit around the world, built around a chorus of “HEY! TEACHER! LEAVE US KIDS ALONE!” sing by actual school children. …

The Harajuku Line: Forgotten Fashion Monsters of Japanese V-Cinema

3 Imaginary Films by Patrick Macias

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Introduction… 20 years ago, Japan was overflowing with movies: some good, some bad, many now totally forgotten in the present day. It was an era in which the direct to video market, known domestically in Japan as “V-Cinema”, supplied entertainment in the form of cassettes to countless rental shops and consumer VCRs.

Many of these direct to video productions were made outside of the traditional distribution channels of movie theaters and television, so in order to be profitable, they moved fast to capitalize on new trends and often targeted niche audiences. In addition to the established Japanese movie genres such as yakuza movies, J-horror, and period films there were also original V-Cinema titles made especially for pachinko players, mahjong players, golfers, host and hostess club workers. …

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