This week’s medium workarounds (Aug 3rd week, 2016)

bug reporting is hard: let’s go shopping

So I’m playing around with medium, BECAUSE BLOGGER AAARRRRGH.

It’s [ahem] “pleasingly minimal”, but the constraints allow it to get “out of the way”.

Mainly anyway.

As usual, I have some needs that aren’t met by how I “just type” so I have noted some workarounds. You’re welcome.

I want to force a subtitle

So I type the title, then the subtitle, which is the only way I can think about strap-lines, but it sits there, looking like just a line of text.

This is alarming.

Select the line and hey presto, the magical formatting bar appears.
The large T is (deep breath)

This Style Here

And the smaller T is (deep breath)

This Smaller Style Here

Arranged as the first two lines, these become the Title Subtitle Stanza and look more standard and pleasing to me.

Is this a UI wart / bug? Who knows. I feels like it could be the default / more automatic / more explicit.

I want to play well with the standard workflow because I want their standards to work better for everyone, and by extension me.

I changed the drafts. WTF?

Yeah — going back from the Create/Edit draft is a little counter intuitive.

OK I can’t find the back link, which I assume would take me there seamlessly, so I use the Browser Back Button (living dangerously, I know). This will not show any changes, so use CTRL + R.

I have lots of drafts. This is terrible!

So here is the root cause of the prior shenanigans. Having liberated my literally 100s of drafts from EverNote BTW<snark>not sounding such as classy name now, is it?</snark>, the ordering is random pretty bad. I would like to see my last position remembered, but CTRL + R blitzes that.
I am currently resorting to making small tweaks to the most promising drafts to push them to the top. Yes, this will only work for a page worth’s of drafts.


Yeah, about that.

If you are “going too fast” i.e. pasting in chunks and then moving back, there may be issues.

The breakdown for me is roughly
* 70% False alarm?
* 15% Draft lost
* 15% “Oh Noes” popup “mumble mumble back end something” and typically I need to reload the drafts page

Solution: 5 second pause. It’s all I have.

Ok — thanks for reading Medium Fans!
Hope this helps!

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