Paramalingam Lingathas Works as an Advertising/Branding Manager

Paramalingam Lingathas is an Advertising and Branding Manager working with a top IT equipment manufacturer in Sydney. He is responsible for marketing company’s products in the competitive markets, and is handling a slew of responsibilities for that. These include:

Building strong relationship with clients through exceptional services.

Handling all types of administration tasks, and various teams.

Planning, implementing, and overseeing all types of advertising and brand development campaigns.

Organizing meetings with clients to understand what they need, and developing strategies accordingly.

Monitoring various tasks by his teams regularly to ensure proper implementations of the plans and strategies.

Paramalingam Lingathas is a highly experienced professional who has worked for various companies belonging to different industries. He has been involved in planning and implementing business strategies that not only increase profits, but also help in increasing brand awareness in the competitive markets. He developed plans for customer acquisition, revenue generation, and business growth. He has excellent team management, communication, and interpersonal skills. He has handled a team of professionals that worked in advertisement and content marketing areas.

Paramalingam Lingathas holds a masters degree in sales and marketing, and a bachelors degree in arts in Sydney. After that, he worked as an intern at a medical equipment manufacturing company. At this company, he worked under supervision of professional marketing managers, and developed diverse range of skills for brand awareness, sales generation, and business growth.

In 2004, he worked as a sales and marketing executive, and analyzed market trends, executed marketing and sales strategies, established plans for business development. He collaborated with financial teams and marketing professionals to deliver the best results.

Besides an Advertising Manager, Paramalingam Lingathas is also a philanthropist. He along with his college friends founded a non-profit organization in 2010, which is aimed at helping the poor with money and food. In the first year, the organization covered 1000 people, and since then, it continues to grow. It has an online site where volunteers can know latest events and donate money, which is used for development of various community tasks.