2018 Scene-Writing Challenge: Day 12
Scott Myers

Scene # 3

INT. DAY — Restaurant

HARRISON is seated at a booth in a dimly lit upscale restaurant. He is 25 years old, and not dressed well enough for this place. All the other tables are full — he is the only solo diner.

Harrison looks up. The WAITRESS has been standing over him waiting for his order.

HARRISON: Uhhh (he opens the menu) I need to look at the menu real quick.

Harrison quickly scans the menu waiting for something familiar to stand out to him.

HARRISON: I’ll just take the roasted chicken with asparagus.

The waitress turns and walks away without saying anything. Harrison looks around the restaurant from the table, observing the crowd. He sees one child across the room staring at him, while everyone else appears to be silently consuming their meals. Harrison turns around with a confused look and the waitress is already putting his food on the table in front of him.

HARRISON (startled): Jesus! That was fast.

He looks down at his asparagus, which is seeming to move on the plate. He looks back up to the waitress

HARRISON: Hey I think my –

The waitress is gone. He looks around from the table but can’t spot her. He focuses back on the asparagus, which have definitely moved and have formed an arrow pointing at him.

Harrison lurches back in his seat, gets up, clattering his silverware. Everyone eating in the restaurant is staring at him, he feels claustrophobic from their gaze and turns to go to the bathroom. As he turns he bumps into the waitress, who was right behind him.

HARRISON (shrieking): Holy shit! Sorry about that.

WAITRESS (standing directly in front of him): Is everything okay?

Harrison uncomfortably steps around the waitress, her eyes never leaving his.

HARRISON: I just need to go to the bathroom.

She stands still watching him until he is all the way around the corner.


The door slams open and Harrison rushes straight to the sink. His quick heavy breaths stand out in the sealed off silence of the bathroom, which has old stalls and a green tile wall — not nearly as nice as the restaurant.

He splashes water in his face and grabs the sides of the mirror as he looks into his own eyes. The mirror shifts on the wall and he notices a crack in the wall behind the right side. A KNOCK on the door.

WAITRESS: Sir? Is everything okay in there?

HARRISON: uhhh..

His voice trails off as he pulls the mirror back and uncovers a small doorway in the wall.

The knocking comes again.

HARRISON: Just a minute! I’m fine!

Harrison opens the doorway and climbs through.


Harrison climbs though the stone tunnel, stopping to rest and regroup after a minute. He talks to himself.

HARRISON (to himself): Okay what the hell is going on? It was just a restaurant. Let’s just go back and walk out the door.

He turns to head back but suddenly the door at the beginning of the tunnel is being opened, he can hear voices and people struggling to get through.

Without waiting to see what will emerge, Harrison scampers up the tunnel until the ceilings rise to normal walking height. He can make out a light at the end of the tunnel. He instantly sprints for it, eager to reach freedom.


Harrison storms through the door into the sunlight and closes his for a moment to feel the sun shining back on him. He opens his eyes.

He is inside a massive colosseum filled with screaming people. He does a full 360 and realizes the size of the stadium. A sea of humans carpet the stands, each of their attentions completely fixed on him.

The sudden turning of gears silences the crowd, and a cloud of dust erupts from opened doors. Harrison frantically spins around searching for what might be coming next. He looks up at the crowd for any indication, but only sees their excitement.

A loud ROAR booms behind him accompanied by a loud GASP from the crowd as he turns straight into a hungry 400 pound lion.