I never wrote a blog before. Right now I’m just going to write something to see how it will look like when I publish it. As of at this moment I don’t know what to write about so I’ll just type anything what comes in my mind. Just like they said every professional was just once a beginner. Typing right now made me realize when I was in high school taking a FCAT writing test. I remember holding the pen in my hand and don’t know what to write. I barely speak English how can I write something that I barely even speak. So stupid! So I failed it haha. Of course who wouldn’t? but did it kill me? No. I even think it make me stronger knowing that I survived from failure. Look I’m still breathing as I am typing these words to my self. The fact is we all can learn from our failure if we look at it in the right way. We can turn the negative things into a positive, it’s all in our perception.

Take a look at these pictures and ask yourself. “What do I see?”

On the first photo what did you see? Did you see a person floating on the lake facing the sky or Did you see the Earth and the reflection of it on the lake.

Same goes on the next picture, What did you see? Does the images changes when it fliped upside-down? No doubt it did it’s our mind that created spaces.

What I Learned Looking at these Pictures are We Are Our Own Perception & It is up to US to see the World differently. It is in our Control, It’s in our Decision.

U’r good friend…