Yeah, totally.
John Metta


I don’t know you, and haven’t read anything that you have written other than this article. Your article, and your response to this man, seems needlessly defensive. I think his intent was to clarify and give additional information. Even if his intent was to embarrass or discredit you, it is of no value to you, him, or the reader to see your angry response. I think it hurts your credibility to become defensive and take his comment personally. Including information about your degree seemed particularly childish. Does him simply pointing out this error seem racist in your mind? You didn’t say that, but the gist of this article is that you see racism everywhere, all the time, in every person that has white skin. It’s hard to tell from the tiny pic in the little circle, but the fellow that commented appears to be a white guy. I would guess, that like most people, he really doesn’t think of himself as a “white guy”; there are probably many other, more accurate ways that he tags himself in his mind (American, father, Christian, Muslim, cycling enthusiast, ballet dancer, or human being), but for the purposes of this article / comment, let’s just look at the color of his skin. That said, I disagree with the premise of your article completely. It was an uninformative rant and only proved that you are angry and racist. The term racist, in my mind, implies that you make negative assumptions about an entire race. No matter what color YOUR skin is, that is racism, and it is wrong. Having black skin doesn’t make you an authority on race or racism, especially since you aren’t calling yourself racist, you are calling people with white skin, that you haven’t met, racists. I haven’t met you, but I think it is clear from your article that you are fixated on, and seemingly defined, at least in your mind, by your race. Please rethink that, for the sake of your own happiness, and for the benefit of folks that read your articles and are looking for some goodness and light in this world.

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