Why I bought an employee attendance app for my company

There was a time in my company when we used a small A4 sized paper sheet to record our employee’ attendance record. It was not convenient on so many levels, yet we followed for quite some time. Until one day, I found some irregularities in employee attendance records.

To be honest, I never thought of formulating a proper employee attendance policy along with an employee attendance tracking system, but the consistent irregularities forced me to find an employee attendance tracking system that could solve my company’s problem.

As a technology company, I was looking for a tech based solution as I was aware a simple punch card machine would fail miserably in my company.The biometrics and RFID systems were reliable but out of the question due to affordability and maintenance cost issues.
After a couple of days research, I found an employee attendance app that was affordable, innovative and engaging. The app does not require any additional hardware installation or any other equipment on the premises. All my business need was a smartphone.

The foolproof employee attendance application asks employees to take a selfie and tap on their name to punch-in and punch-out. It was that simple. The app places a watermark time-date stamp on the selfie and stores it in a cloud based server for respective department’s records.

It also enabled me to generate reports on a daily, weekly, monthly basis for each employee or for the whole staff. The attendance marking experience offered by the employee attendance app was so impressive that my employees kept coming to me asking for their pictures so that they could post it on their Facebook’s profile.

The app changed the whole attendance marking process for my business. It even helped me in preparing employees’ payroll after deducting uninformed leaves, late comings, and marking paid leaves.

It was a wonderful experience to introduce a simple, engaging and effective employee attendance app in my company. I would suggest all small and medium sized companies to use an employee attendance application in their company as an employee attendance tracking system.

It was not a story from a decade ago, it happened in the recent past. I am really focused on my employees learning and development as I don’t have to worry about their leaves, late comings and uninformed leaves anymore. Thus leaving me a lot of time to help my employees turn into a quality human resource.

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