How technology will murder capitalism

This kind of stuff is like weeds. It comes up again and again and you just have to keep destroying it. There is not the sharing of power the author here is explicitly talking about but that business keep the power. “Corporations are being replaced by citizens.” Yeah, but only as the people who do the work, not the ones who reap the profits. A business is a profit-internalization-machine. You do not replace that by doing all the work because the heart of capitalism is not production. The “sharing economy” get the same criticism that open innovation gets, that is is just exploitation as usual.

To credit the author, he does mention file-sharing as well. Now that is an actual step in the right direction. Which is why it is under threat of harsh punishment by increasingly draconian copyright law. So then the conclusion has to be that we need to take the power back and actually share and own what we anyways already at least co-create.

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