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Patrick Prommel

Thoughts under quarantine (as of March 24th)

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

TL;DR This pandemic is serious. We are suffering from a lack of leadership from the top as our health, economy, and humanity is threatened. Many are stepping up to lead now, but we must all step up to lead to save ourselves, our loved ones, and our future.

Disclaimers: I’m no expert, so I’ve hyperlinked to as many sources as possible. This is also not a critique on economic or political systems/sides, but rather a commentary on leadership principles and actions.

2020 was going to be my year (classic new year, new me) until my plans fell victim to the…

Patrick Prommel

Creating multiple streams of income with no code. Building in public and sharing actionable advice not taught at school. Wharton & Lauder MBA

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