HubHaus Park Day

My butt is literally falling apart while writing this but I have a story to tell. Today, I attended the HubHaus (the company that subleases my house) Park Day. I used this event to do my first real cycling trip. The distance to the park was roughly 15 miles (~24km) and I had my leg day anyway. That’s why I grabbed my bike and was looking forward to exploring the city and meeting some new people.

So there I go, cycling with my good friend Google Maps. After roughly 30 minutes, I suddenly hear a strange noise coming from my bike. I exactly know what it is because the same has already happened the day before when I wanted to buy some groceries. Luckily, I’m carrying a wrench with me and can adjust the back tire so that I can continue after a few minutes. Some of the roads are quite crowded but the most of them are completely empty. This makes cycling even more fun! That’s how typical roads here look like:

After exactly 1 hour an 30 minutes, I finally reach my destination. The ride was very exhausting and I could feel the burning sun. After a few minutes, some people from HubHaus arrive. It seems like I’m the first person (yeah Swiss obviously) and I meet Richard. He’s a really cool guy and he shows me how to throw an American football. After grabbing a burger and some cookies, we end up throwing the football among four additional people.

A few hours have passed. I end up meeting Steve. He is an older guy in his 60s (I guess) and works for Apple. We have a good talk about different topics and he shows me some hot spots I really need to check out. He’s a very friendly guy and seems to be pretty smart. Sadly, it’s quite hard to get in the Apple building so he won’t be able to show me around. Nearly six hours have passed and more and more people start to leave. I meet Rohan. He’s from India and works for Google. I ask him if it’s possible to see the Google campus and he offers me to meet for lunch one day so he can show me around the building. I’m really excited to see that and I leave the park.

I grab my bike and start to cycle back. The weather is amazing and it’s a very cool feeling driving along the roads and seeing all these buildings of huge tech companies. I think cycling alrong the roads in the evening is one of the most beautiful thing you can do here. On my way back home, I make a short break to buy some things. I really like this store because it seems to have good quality products and has an appealing touch.

Sprouts Farmers Market

I finally reach my house and can take a shower. It was a good day and I have met a lot of different persons. I can barely feel my legs and my butt. Tomorrow will probably be a bike-free day.