Upholding Our Oath
Gen. Joe Dunford

General, I am unable to tell if the thrust of this message is to remain politically neutral while in service and representing the service or if it is something more. My like or dislike of the President (person) or either candidate (person) has nothing to do with the very real issue that I will follow all the lawful orders of my Commander in Chief (position) — whether I voted for or against. Key Word — lawful. If there is a concern about domestic issues, it should be well settled what is lawful and unlawful. And that should not just be a JAG Corps interpretation, but rather a public, reviewed, commented, and ACLU approved position. I may be over analyzing your statement, but with the rampant rumors, mis-truths, and deception by the media, it is very hard not to, especially when reminding about NCA.

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