Build a Test from Readme’s Public Repository!

Our friends at recently released a great new feature that allows you to host your Swagger (Open API Initiative) on their public repository, as well as generate API documentation from that same file.

Did you know you can also generate a comprehensive API test from that exact same URL? Using the live Swagger url (eg:, simply copy and paste that link into our Build from Spec wizard. See the screens below.

Click Build from Spec
Paste the URL
From Scratch for the first time, but we have refactoring as an option!
An intelligent API accuracy test, generated in seconds. Add small tweaks to make it perfect.

Documentation and testing, two things people often procrastinate and do half-hearted, can now be done in seconds with a few clicks. and API Fortress make the unsexy parts of your job sexy.

Well, that may be pushing it a bit. We make it easier at least.