Prahran Summer Jam 2016

What is the Prahran Summer Jam?

The Prahran Summer Jam is a five on five Basketball Tournament that started in the summer of 2012 on February the 4th on the courts of Prahran Princess Gardens in the heart of Melbourne. Ten pre-selected teams of five players competed for the ultimate bragging rights and to make the championship game. Ten high-skilled level coaches and local legends were given a team spot each and in just a few months they had to fill a team of talented players and be ready for the big day.

Prahran Summer Jam 2012

Jamtime event organisers, Daniel Ella and Eamon Larman-ripon, got their hands dirty and they did all the grunt work to make this event happen. Ella and Larmon-ripon were able to get the Local Council on board, Stonnington Youth services, as well as a few small sponsors, and they managed to get over five hundred basketball fans, including families and locals, to the park in 2012. At the time, this was the Park’s biggest audience for a five on five tournament. So what makes 2016 different to the previous Summer Jam? Well, there is a wild card entry for two lucky teams and it’s called the kicks 101 open run (sponsored by kicks 101). This event will be held mid January and it works like a mini tournament in itself where any team can register and enter the knockout competition. The early bird gets the worm so get your registration in quickly! The two most successful teams on the day will secure their spots in the Prahran Summer Jam along side the eight invited teams which are chosen, led and trained by eight preselected coaches who carefully hand pick their best teams.

It all kicks off on the 5th February and continues on the 6th. The first day will see all teams play a minimum of three games and the teams that come out on top will move onto the next day which is the knockout stages. This continues until there are only two teams left that will battle it out in the championship game. This championship game has a large $5,000 cash prize and winner takes all. The large prize money is another new addition for 2016 and with it being so large will surely bring out some of Melbourne’s best basketball players. Another huge factor is the backing of the city council and the funding they gave as this has allowed the organisers to set up stands and seating and fencing as well as obtain permits for live music. With the sponsor deals of kicks 101 Australia and balla it’s highly possible that the Prahran Summer Jam 2016 will double or even triple the attendance from four years ago.

I spoke to Jamtime’s event organiser Daniel Ella and asked him why he thinks this will be the biggest and best Summer Jam yet:

Prahran Summer Jam 2016

5th and 6th of February

Prahran’s Princess Gardens

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Get down there to see some great high level street basketball and enjoy the great fun, family-friendly atmosphere. There will be give-aways throughout the day and mini competitions as well as live music going on throughout the day. There is something for everyone to enjoy.