The latest blockchain buzz of February

Two months into the new year and here we are. As anticipated, more alliances, partnerships and new ventures continue to form as more blockchain based initiatives arise. It makes sense; A total of $1.5 Billion has already been spent by companies on blockchain technology like Ethereum & Hyperledger as of October 2018 — as reported by IDC. By 2022, we can expect that number to reach $11.7 billion. Companies aren’t the only invested parties, as last month (February) has seen much more government involvement with the implementation of this technology. …

Video recap of Last Month In Blockchain — January 2019

Last month brought an exciting start to the new year. As we continue forward with new partnerships forming and more competitive ventures initiated, the focal point of mass adoption is still underway. Currently, it is unclear what kind of path is ahead of us. Many business professionals still lack the fundamental understanding of blockchain. A survey conducted by Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) reports that 63 percent of senior business executives have a poor understanding of blockchain technology. …

It is astonishing to see the progression that Blockchain continues to make. With devoted adherents developing, refining, learning and executing concepts to deployed applications, every day we come closer to interconnecting technology and services, one block at a time. As more power house giants and governments target new avenues, blockchain continues to flourish at an exponential rate similar to other technologies, as previously witnessed. Without a doubt 2019 will be a fascinating year for everyone involved in blockchain, and as a blockchain solutions company, we say that with confidence.

Here is a recap of the latest blockchain buzz last…

When the average person thinks of supply chain and logistics, they think complex work flows of operations that propel a product or service from point A to point B. When the average person thinks of blockchain, well, they really have no clue what to think other than Bitcoin or Ethereum. Anyone who has even the slightest inclination of what these two entails will ask, “How does blockchain fit in the picture and how does it improve supply chain?”. Before we can dive into answering these questions, we will cover 1. What makes efficient supply chain management, and 2.

Upon thorough research, It isn’t difficult to see why blockchain technology is a revolutionary game changer in virtually every industry. Why wouldn’t you seek to implement blockchain? The potential is unlimited with a wide scope of functionality and features no other solution can similarly provide. With a short list of oppositions, one point to being discouraged other than a lack of understanding is the risk involved in hiring the right candidate in such a new emerging industry.

The Right Piece to the Puzzle

As an enterprise owner or decision maker, allocating financial resources to better refine operations and increase revenue can be a much needed but…

Patrick Schvartzman — Block Gemini

Blockchain Consultant for Block Gemini. Crypto Investor, Writer, and Passionate about Blockchain Technology.

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