I particularly like your use of a cartoon that commented the 1925 “Monkey Trial.”

Appreciate the response. My point is that the anti-Trump crowd will scrutinize every syllable uttered by the president. No attention to anything positive — the goal is to bring him down.

And as far as the so-called anti-science wing of the Republican party, well… I don’t think it is anti-science as much as it is anti-questionable science. I say ‘questionable’ because much of what passes for gospel regarding climate change — if you consider what passes for facts within the EPA — cannot be duplicated or repeated. At least the effort to duplicate or reproduce (repeat) the findings was not taken. No one will question hard facts — but some so-called facts have a lot of holes in them when you take an honest look at climate science.

And this coming from me… a not-very-scientific guy who relies (hopefully) on logic, reason, and the antennae that quivers when someone jumps up and down, waves a flag, or otherwise goes overboard with a cry something like, “Trump Pulls US out of Paris Accords — America Plunges into Darkness.” That is what I find absurd. Or how about, “People Will Die if the ACA is repealed.” Please. Why must everything be the end of everything?

Hmm, how’s that for a scientific question?

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