More predictable bullshit.
Wil Wheaton

Hey Mister Wizard, Time Lord (and too much time, apparently), or whatever you fantasize yourself to be: being you must really, really suck.

Let me get this straight: a bombshell revelation comes along, and the current administration — from the President on down — which is so inept, so on the wrong side of history, so full of backward-thinking cretins, somehow manipulates the game, thereby avoiding its own downfall where every other administration would have crumbled and been washed away like a sandcastle. Do I have that right? Now, tell me. Who is stupid and who is not?

“… Damn close to being treasonous.” Haha. That’s rich, man. In your spare time (you’re the Lord of Time, so that should be no problem), look up the definition of treason.

“… As night follows day…” You preceded that line with “predictably” — and you used it twice. Not cool. You should proofread before you publish. I don’t know, maybe you don’t need to because you’re a wizard with an enlightened, liberal bent.

You can’t stand the fact that we have as president the guy who is the president. Boo Fucking Hoo. I’m not his biggest fan, but hypocritical navel-gazers such as yourself have lost grip on reality.

Okay. I think it’s time for bed, your Lordship. And don’t forget to brush your teeth — your breath smells like defeat.

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