In search of the best vegan burger in town!

I’m on a quest to finding the best vegan burger in Lebanon. This is no easy task, but I’m going to bite and chew my way through all the avocados, onions, tomatoes and pickles coming at me, for the love of food (and vegan burgers). Join me on this evergreen quest and find out along the way where some of the best vegan burgers are served. #VBQ

Dine-in? Or take-out?
Definitely dine-in. Burgers are best served fresh and so my aim will be to always order, eat and write my comments at the restaurant.

What’s the scoring like?
Oh, they will be scoring all right. Scoring will be based on presentation, overall taste and ingredients with a focus on the patty’s choice of ingredients and texture. Max score will be on 10 out of 10 basis.

I’m listening
Can you share your opinion? Absolutely. Can you suggest places to try? Please do! Whether it’s a comment or an email, I welcome your input, citizens of the internet.