From Blockfi, to Crypto.com to Fulcrum: the search continues for high yield…

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Chasing yield can lead you places

Not sure if it was the tweet about my article “Switching to Crypto.com from Blockfi, A Misadventure” that did it, but after 8 days Crypto.com finally got things squared away, and I started earning interest.

All of the BTC and USDC funds that I had on Crypto.com and moved to Blockfi now had to be moved back to Crypto.com.

Blockfi has a 48 hr wait on transferring funds, which is at least better than the Crypto.com withdrawal confirmation email that never arrived I experienced previously with Crypto.com.

But I was willing to give Crypto.com a second chance.

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Take me to your Don Quixote! I want to tilt against windmills…

TL;DR: Moar Interest, Up to 12% on Crypto.com vs. 8.6% on Blockfi. Also, FDIC insured. The “Earn” button doesn’t show on my app. Trusted Centralized Third Parties only work M-F, 9–5. Crypto.com thumbs down!

Switching to Crypto.com

Okay, after a delightful couple months earning 8.6% APR on Blockfi on my USDC (US Dollar Coin), as well as 5% on my Bitcoin deposit, my brother told me I should look into Crypto.com, saying that I could earn up to 12%.

After briefly perusing their website, it looks like the 12% is reserved for those staking 500 of their native coin MCO, which was currently retailing for over $5. …

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Connect CoinMarketCap crypto coin daily pricing with an auto-updating Google Sheets. Track your coins, and mark if they rise or fall a certain percentage.

I wouldn’t say I’m in love with spreadsheets, but I do appreciate the way they bring clarity to tracking, and help to comprehend numbers that change over time.

Bringing in Bitcoin pricing is just the basics. You can make cells and fonts change color based on a percentage rise or fall, alerting you to major and minor trends, which you can then act upon. …



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