Helping Trump and Hillary with Blockchain Tech.

***this is a satire piece, if you take this seriously, than you are “weird” or “crazy”***

Ask what not your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country” — JFK was right.

thanks JohnHain for putting images up in the free domain, that’s the spirit!

With the presidential election tomorrow, something must be done for the country!

How could any one person do this job!? It’s our civil duty to help each of these two humble leaders to navigate through the emergent digital landscape.

We now know that Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google has been trying to help Hillary as much as he can, in any way possible... for a LONG time now, but the worlds cyber super power can’t do this alone!

In the spirit of decentralization! Here are some ideas and information for DApps that would help the candidates out in their noble quest to usher in a New World Order. If you don’t know what a DApp is, it is a “Decentralized Application” check out this post, and that post.

Private Emails and “Locker Room Talk”

Hillary, sweetheart, there is no need to delete emails in 2016. Working directly with the DOJ during your investigation is pretty savage, but none of this needed to happen.

Donald, brother, some people just don’t know what “locker room” talk is, you do, Sandusky does, America does not. It’s hard for the “Unaware” folk to understand that.

Here’s a recommendation for any presidential candidate. can encrypt your identity and messages. Pseudonyms will guarantee you remain inconspicuous. Here are some that you can use to ensure there’s no trace. Feel free

@BigLeagueChew, @AmericaAin’tGreatYet, @SlanderSanders, @ItAintABabyUntilItsOut, @WomensRightsAcceptInSaudaArabiaWhoCanMutliateThemFreelyAsLongAsTheyPayUp

As long as you don’t mention anything like this in your speeches or public messaging systems you should be ok…

Who needs private bulky servers when projects like are on the forefront, working to build a distributed super computer that could theoretically work in space. Yeah that’s some cool stuff for the leaders to check out.

ObamaCare — Affordable Care Act

If people can’t afford HealthCare, charge them even more, and if they can’t afford the extra fees, you Keep On Charging!

Logical, Yes, but for some odd reason it’s not working, like at all. It seems to be entirely the middleclass’ fault so don’t feel that guilty.

But do understand this, future leaders, in a one world government it may actually benefit to put failing systems in place so that there can be another replacement that consolidates even more power and control to central entities all the while racking up debt for the middle class so as to keep them indentured.

Most of them deserve it, for not “picking themselves up by their bootstraps” in the first place but that’s besides the point.

Good thing you lovely candidates don’t want anything like that!

Check this out.

Smart Contracts are enabling systems that can collect and distribute insurance policies to a point in which you would pay as you need, and get some back if you don’t! Crazy right! Peer-to-peer insurance possibilities are emerging with Etherisk leading the charge! This technology even allows for micro-insurance!

Although still a ways out, there are some startups and research groups on the subject taking place right now. MedRec aims to store medical info on the blockchain which is a good start.

Check out these articles.


Even Capital One is testing blockchain based solutions.

But if these “pipedreams” don’t work out, there is always the go to action.

Charge the people more!

Of course offer forgiveness and deferment programs, just make sure that it takes up the majority of there spare time that they would otehrwise spend with their kids…

Wikileaks and “Whistleblowers”

What a risk to the American people to expose information like,

The DNC may, or may not have rigged the primaries against Bernie,

The goal is to have open borders where the citizenship is kept “Unaware” and “Complaint”

That paying people to incite violence at rallies is a common tactic.

That you gotta get a bit of money from countries that also fund ISIS, or else your baby.

and SOOOO MUCHHH more risky intel at

that should not be shared with the American people.

Honestly, there may not be a block chain solution to this aside from encrypted identities mentioned earlier, because most of the projects in the decentralized space are trying to embody Transparency, Distributed leadership, Autonomy and a whole host of other disruptive ideas towards typical centralization.

There’s another proposed action that was mentioned in one of the leaked emails, to take care of whistleblowers, who most of the “Unaware” and “Complaint” citizens consider to be Heros.

“Can’t we just drone this guy?”

F*#% it, right?..

Energy Policy

“Fracking is a gift” it seems to the powers at be.

Flammable water is stuff straight out of X-Men anyway and people love X-men.

The decentralization movement may have first begun in the energy sector with the idea of living off the grid. Good thing that’s practically illegal everywhere.

There are some Hippies across the Atlantic, called Regen-village that are working to create fully regenerative communities so that we are less dependent on destructive practices for energy and sustenance. But their Hippies so if we keep calling them Hippies, people will just think their Hippies.

But, there are some Hippies that are in the beautiful Amurica and are trying to decentralized energy transfer as well, LO3 is working on just that. This tech and more like it will solve inefficiencies and cut costs tremendously, or so the Hippies say.

So to the future leaders of the United States of America, just know there are other options out there for you to handle problems that have been around for many many terms before you. If you aren’t paying attention to them now you may be surprised in the near future!

Wrap Up

This could go on forever, until the nukes drop and the aliens land, but until then anyone reading this far, help however you can! It is up to you to solve these problems, because after all, we are all people.

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