The kebab bet

How to solve disagreements with a kebab.

At Atlassian we use data and our internal testing framework to help us make informed decisions. These tools give us the power to formulate hypotheses, such as “We believe removing email verification will result in an increase on MAU because users don’t want to verify their email.” We can take this hypothesis and test it to validate our assumptions.

Sometimes you don’t agree with the hypothesis, and you want to throw down the gauntlet to a teammate. Instead of debating and wasting time we have a system in place we call kebab bets. A kebab bet is where you put your money where your mouth is and stake a kebab on the outcome of an experiment. Kebab bets help us move faster by avoiding unnecessary debate, avoid our bias by testing our assumptions and strengthen our intuition by forcing us to take a stance before shipping an experiment.

And who doesn’t like a free lunch now and then.