Stop Selling Now!

This is the best advice I can give to all Sales Professionals.

At first glance this may seem counter intuitive,but upon closer inspection it makes more sense.

The long held belief in the sales profession is “sales people are born to sell” Wrong!

The best sales people are born to listen!

Listening skills are so under-rated and deemed not sexy.

What is the job of every sales professional?

To find out what the other person wants, and then show them how to get it. This can only happen two ways, asking powerful questions and listening.

Attentive listening is a powerful tool.

When used properly it will allow you to control the call,close to the objection and deliver value.This unfortunately is not a common practice because we are all too busy trying to sell.

Next time you are making a sales call, remember that your job is not to sell.

Keep it simple. Ask powerful questions and cultivate the art of attentive listening.

Always remember,never get caught selling!

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