A lot of people don’t think it’s a fight over nothing.
ideas whittler

Again, none of these points matter. You want to talk about stuff that is petty. Don’t care about Bernie leading Hillary in national polls. Focus on the damn delegates in the remaining primaries. That is all that freaking matters. You can make your intellectual arguments for or against Bernie, but follow the math. The math doesn’t lie. Please tell me, state by state, where is Bernie going to pick up 230 delegates to take over the lead? Don’t be idealistic about it. Look at the polls in each state. Look at the demographics. Look at the electorate. Where, in a realistic way, is he going to pick up that many additional delegates over Hillary? No one can do it. I haven’t found anyone that could say in a reasonable realistic way, how he can do it. And it will just get harder and harder for each primary he doesn’t win. Probabilities are not good. That’s reality.

And even if he pulled within 100, how can he realistically convince several hundred super-delegates they should vote for him? Hillary will also need some super-delegates to win, but not nearly as many as Bernie.

Anywho, good luck with your idealism. Bernie is a good guy, but there is no plausible way he will win.

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