Peter Sanderson

As a former independent voter who leans left, I didn’t vote in the primaries because I wasn’t a Democrat. As an independent, I never expected to be allowed to vote for either party. If you want to vote for a party, join the party. Kind of like what Bernie did.

Independents may not be a member of a particular party, but polls also show most lean right or left. True independents are not common. We all have our political bent.

After the election I realized it was stupid to deny my predilection of voting mostly Democratic. I changed my affiliation to Democratic. You can sit on the outside and bitch, or jump in and be part of the solution. That solution will never be found in 3rd parties. Time to unite if you truly want to move towards enacting a progressive agenda.

Notice Bern went back to being an independent. Never was a Democrat. Maybe that’s why most Democrats voted for Hillary?

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