I don’t think you realise how off-putting that attitude is.
ideas whittler

I’m just a realist. In truth, if things were flipped, and Hillary was 230 delegates down and losing by 2.5 million in the popular vote, I’d be saying the same thing, that Hillary had lost.

Sorry reality puts you off. We can play the game out, and we will, but the end result is not going to change for several obvious factors. Most of them due to failures on Bernie’s part. There was a pre post mortem of his campaign in the NY Times. You just don’t give that kind of information out during a campaign. Rookie mistakes.

Hillary and her supporters faced this type of situation in 2008. Back then she was behind by over 100 delegates and couldn’t close the gap. She fought until the last primary, then conceded. It was a class act on her part, because she was brutalized in that election like she is being brutalized in this one. She moved towards unity and accepted that Obama had won. That’s a true Democrat.

All impartial analyses of this primary campaign says Bernie’s chances are slim and none. He simply cannot win without several hundred of the super-delegates switching to him. Being the realist, that’s not going to happen. He’s burned too many bridges and blown up a couple bridges for a majority of the terrible establishment of the DNC to support him. His mistake. His loss.

Sorry if I sound callous and uncaring. But I’m more concerned about winning the White House. If it was Bernie in this situation, I’d be advising Hillary to let it go. In my opinion, this election is too important to blow this opportunity. The GOP is in disarray. Both Trump and Cruz are terrible candidates. And here we are wasting time and focus fighting over what is obvious and inevitable. Egos are in play, as usual. We’re fighting over nothing. We’re just dividing ourselves and making it more difficult on ourselves. Why? Because a large group of people cannot accept the reality of the situation. Someone had to lose. This time it was Bernie. Sorry.