My Big Beef with Bernie
Andrew McLaughlin

I’m not a Democrat. Have always been registered as an independent. Yet, 90% of my voting goes towards Democratic candidates. I associate with their values, their platform, and most of their candidates. I can’t say I’m aligned with Bernie. I do not see his leadership. I do not see him as someone I would want as President. I think he is using the Democratic Party for his own gain, and truly does not support the Party. Which is why he is losing, and deserves to lose.

If you choose to belong to a political Party, you should embrace that Party’s values and work to make that Party better. You cannot change anything from the outside. You cannot be outside government and change it. You need to be within it and doggedly try to change it by forming a consensus from within. Policy is advanced through consensus. Bernie will never reach that needed consensus. Not ever. It’s not within him to do that. So why elect him as the nominee of the Democratic Party when he rails against it?

Bernie cannot win as an independent. Yet he does not, according to him, want to be a spoiler. I hope, after the nomination is clearly decided, and the Party chooses Hillary, that he will be as gracious as she was in 2008 when she conceded to Obama, and work to unify the Party. I have my doubts he will show that type of leadership. He is, after all, not a Democrat.

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