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Let’s imagine if things were flipped, and Bernie had a 200+ delegate lead and a 2.4 million popular vote lead. He would be on track to win the nomination. On to the general election Bernie would go. The next curious question, in the world of SuperPACs and billion dollar Presidential campaigns, how do you think Bernie would raise over a billion dollars? Not from $27 donations. He would tap into the funds from the DNC and SuperPACs set up to help the “Democrat” win the election. The evil Democratic Party establishment would rally around old Bernie and help him win. Ironic. Here he is, railing against the establishment, denouncing the DNC for their bias, yet if he was the nominee, he couldn’t win without them. Period.

There’s lots of bullshit in elections. Bernie isn’t free of that. He’s as full of it as any other politician. It’s rather ironic that a percentage of the money Hillary and Clooney raised would have gone to helping Bernie get elected had he won the nomination. Sounds a bit hypocritical of him.

And no, Bernie couldn’t raise a billion plus on his own. If he could he wouldn’t have run as a Democrat. He wouldn’t have compromised himself.

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